Why Transformational Breathwork?

Transformational Breathwork offers a profound opportunity for everyone to tap into their inner wisdom, release emotional blockages, and experience transformative healing, ultimately unlocking their full potential and living a more authentic and fulfilling life.

The power of this Transformational Breathwork Session lies in its ability to catalyze deep and lasting transformation within individuals, allowing you to break free from old patterns, release emotional baggage, connect with your authentic selve, and ultimately experience profound personal growth and healing.

By consciously engaging with the breath, you can access heightened states of awareness, access your inner wisdom, and unleash your true potential, leading to positive shifts in all aspects of your live.

“Time doesn’t heal emotional pain, you need to learn to let it go.”

-Roy Bennett-

Benefits you may experience…


•    Massive release of stress 
•    Deep relaxation
•    Emotional balancing 
•    Reduction in physical pain
•    More present, less distracted
•    Flushing out of cellular toxins 
•    A new sense of vitality
•    Feeling of connection 
•    Manifesting greater abundance in your life 
•    Deep inner peace 
•    Healing of old wounds, traumas & grief
•    A sense of joy & bliss
•    Access to higher guidance, clarity & knowing
•    Greater self-love
•    Less reacting, more responding 
•    Deeper loving relationships
•    Excitement for life 

These 1:1 sessions will be facilitated in the comfort of your own home (Sydney) or online and will take approximately 90mins.




Couples Breathwork

Are you looking for new ways to deepen your bond and get in tune with your partner? Couples breathwork can help rekindle deep connection and support the emotional expressions of our partners with attention, awareness, and compassion. It can help integrate unresolved emotional experiences or memories, allowing the release of mental grudges and emotional blockages.

Your nervous system is the foundation for self-regulation, the breath is the bridge to reclaiming the place within yourself, allowing you to invite and receive the presence of others.




•    You suppress your emotions because feeling them is too hard.
•    You want to feel safe in your body.
•    You feel trapped in your head overthinking and worrying about everything.
•    The voice inside your head is mean, relentless, unsupportive and uncontrollable.
•    It feels uncomfortable being in your body and maybe even sore, tense, and painful.
•    You feel stuck like you can't take action on the things you want in life.
•    You miss clarity, purpose and direction.

All 1:1 and couples Breathwork sessions can be done in person, at the comfort of your own home (Sydney) or online. The sessions will take approximately 90min.

1:1 investment $279

Couples investment $333


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